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I often receive this question from my couples… should I get wedding insurance? My answer is always yes, but I highly recommend doing your research first. Today, we’re sharing Consumers Advocate’s Full Wedding Insurance Guide so you determine what type of insurance coverage you need, why getting it and what are your the best wedding insurance companies out there in case your current insurance company doesn’t offer it.



The Full wedding Insurance Guide from Consumer Advocate

Unlike most types of insurance policies, wedding insurance is a one-time premium. And many first learn about it when looking to rent a venue for their wedding day, since it’s usually required to provide proof of liability coverage before renting a space.

The other part of wedding insurance is called cancellation coverage and is an option for those wanting to protect themselves from disruptive events that are out of their hands, like a storm, a cancelled flight, or an illness.

Do you really need it?

If you’re like the average couple, you’ll spend around $30k on your wedding. And wedding insurance could protect part of that expense.

Certain events can put a damper on your happy day, like your venue unexpectedly going out of business, a vendor falling through, or a torrential rain descending minutes before your outdoor ceremony. To offset some of the damage, you can purchase a premium that fits your specific needs, such as covering loss of photos, video, attire, rings, or deposits.

Before you jump into buying a policy, know you might already be covered through your homeowner’s insurance or credit card. Check with your provider to make sure. The venue owner could also have liability protection already, meaning you may only need to purchase add-ons to complement that coverage.

Also, consider how early you need to buy your policy. While some companies let you buy it right before the ceremony, others have strict policies.

Coverage in detail


Liability insurance is meant to cover injuries or property damages that occur during your wedding. Insurance companies also offer important add-ons to this type of coverage, like host liquor liability (if you’re serving alcohol), to protect you from incidents during your wedding day. Coverage can also be extended to other wedding-related events, like your rehearsal dinner or honeymoon.


Cancellation insurance protects you from unforeseen circumstances that may lead to a postponement or cancellation of your wedding. This type won’t usually cover a wedding being called off for personal reasons, but will help in situations out of your control, like a critical injury or illness.

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Markel Event Insurance

Best for variety

Markel focuses on specialty insurance and offers both liability and cancellation coverage for your wedding. Their policy can cover rehearsals, ceremony, reception, and event set up and breakdown. You can either customize your coverage or choose one of their pre-packaged options.

Filing a claim can be done online and their center is available 24/7. Protection starts at around $95, going up the more add-ons (like cake or gown coverage) you choose.


Best for last minute coverage

This company offers wedding cancellation and liability insurance anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and cruise ships departing from these locations. You can cover presents, clothing, car rentals, and services like photography. Coverage limits go from $500,000 to $5,000,000, with the cheapest averaging $75.

Its cancellation options protect you from issues like illness, inclement weather, and in some cases, calling the wedding off because of personal reasons. You can extend your coverage beyond the wedding day and add protection for your rehearsal or honeymoon.

Usually, insurers ask that you purchase a liability coverage a week or two in advance, but Wedsafe lets you buy it right before the wedding. Cancellation, on the other hand, must be bought at least 15 days before the event.


Best for customized coverage

Wedsure provides customizable coverage for different wedding expenses, like photography, flowers, wedding gown, and rings. You decide what each item is worth and buy specific protection. You can also choose from their preset options under each category.

Another choice is their “change of heart” cancellation, which covers third-parties (not the couple) if the wedding is called off.

And if your images are lost, the company offers to stage your wedding, recreating the day for new photos.

Wollam Gardens | Bodamaestra Wedding Planning | Holistic Wedding Planning


What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance includes liability coverage and cancellation/postponement protection, which can be purchased together or separately. Liability insurance is often required by venues and provides coverage for property damage or bodily injury that takes place during your event. Cancellation insurance helps you cover the cost of rescheduling or cancelling the wedding.

How much does wedding insurance cost?

A basic liability policy can cost around $80, depending on the size of your wedding and the benefit limits you select. If you add cancellation insurance, your premium could go upwards of $400 for an all-inclusive policy. Most wedding insurance providers make getting a quote easy, so we suggest shopping around to get the best coverage and price for your special day.

How much wedding insurance should I buy?

Pick a policy that matches your total wedding expenses. Insurers offer different levels of coverage to help you choose the best fit. With liability insurance, you are usually covered for at least $500,000, but coverage can go up to $5 million. While cancellation protection ranges between $6,000 and $200,00, depending on the company. Before purchasing wedding insurance, make sure to assess the risks. Having a wedding at the local community center, for instance, may not be as risky as having your wedding at an art gallery surrounded by valuable artwork. If you can’t afford to pay back for damages, and your home insurance or credit card company won’t cover you, then maybe you should get wedding insurance.

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