Once upon a time you dreamed of finding the one. That special someone who would make you laugh until your face hurts and who would care about you like no one else has before. A travel companion who would always be up for adventure and who wouldn't mind dancing in the kitchen right at midnight before you both binge on your favorite Netflix show.

Now that you've done the hard part of finding each other, let’s celebrate by having a memorable wedding day that is just the beginning of a beautiful life together.

Let's create a holistic wedding experience
to be cherished for a lifetime.

your wedding day mindfully planned and designed

— Nicole & Kevin

"Esme’s approach really showed us how smooth, well thought of, and stress free this experience could be. We look back on our wedding day and are so happy with how everything turned out. It was our dream wedding and we are so thankful to Bodamaestra for that".

"I felt completely well guided and safe with Esme at the wheel."

what our beloved clients are saying

Thoughtfulness & dedication

An event you and your guests will be elated about

A calm, empathetic and fun vibe

Unmatched planning and a seamless experience

Unforgettable details and design

what you can expect from  bodamaestra


wedding and event planning services

investment begins at $10,000

  • Because we know. Our team of wedding planning experts have more than a decade of experience in project management, design, logistics and communication. Intention is behind every detail.

  • Because you’re looking to wow and delight your guests and yourselves. You don’t want a cookie-cutter wedding, preferring unique and personal touches.

  • Because there are only 24 hours in the day. Simply put, life happens. With a dedicated team, your wedding planning continues on schedule regardless of whatever comes up.

full wedding planning

Why hire Bodamaestra for Full Wedding Planning Services?


  • You’ll have a huge weight off your shoulders - whether your focus goes back to your everyday responsibilities or you head out to a yoga retreat. We’ll continue planning your wedding where you left off. (Nice, right?)

  • With hundreds of possibilities when it comes to wedding design, we’ll take away the "decision overload" completely. Giving you the creative direction you need to get you unstuck, you can replace confusion with clarity.

  • On the wedding day itself, your job is to be fully present while ours is to work our magic behind the scenes. Go ahead and soak in all those moments you’ve imagined in your head over and over!

partial wedding planning

how it feels to work with us:



  • finally have expert eyes on your wedding plans and the professional expertise to spot any potential problems - that’s when we do some course-correction if necessary!

  • be able to focus on what truly matters: your family, friends, and saying yes to the love of your life. (We’re unapologetically, hope-less-ly romantic!)

  • experience the magic alongside your guests - seeing all your planning come to life while we work behind the scenes to make sure everything goes smoothly.

WEDDING management

With our day-of coordination, you’ll…



This service is designed for couples who’ve decided to handle their own planning but need advice and/or reassurance about the direction they’re taking - sometimes you don't know what you don't know. Sit down with us and ask every event-planning question you have. Sweet deal!

Wedding consultations will work for you if you are:

  • Committed to planning on your own but have some logistical questions.
  • Trying to choose between cake designers or caterers.
  • Unsure which candles best match your Pinterest vision.
  • Confused about putting together a realistic budget.
  • About to make some BIG decisions.
  • Looking to pick our professional wedding. brain.

In our wedding coaching role, we can:
  • Review your wedding day timeline to make sure no details are missed.
  • Make tailored vendor recommendations based on the experience you’re looking for.
  • Help you set up a wedding budget that matches your vision and your allocated funds.
  • Or, ask any other planning-related questions.

weddinG PLANNING consultations




Your wedding day has finally arrived! You're ready to enjoy it and to be fully present, feel happy, excited and at peace.  Our team works behind the scenes to carry out all the plans. The result? A wonderful day to be cherished for a lifetime!

06. celebration

Depending on the wedding planning service you selected, we'll implement our workflows to start booking your vendors, working on your wedding theme and colors, and/or working on the logistical details of your day.

05. planning & design process

You have signed on the dotted line and we're so excited and eager to start dreaming about your wedding as well! We'll send you a few initial questionnaires and book our onboarding call to kick-off our planning and design process.

04. booking

Our proposal presentation takes place. We'll go over the details of our wedding planning service and explain how we can co-create a beautiful wedding day together. We'll answer any questions that you may have.

03. proposal presentation

After receiving your questionnaire, we'll chat via phone. We're looking to hear about your wedding vision and expectations. If we're a great fit, we'll meet again to provide you with a custom proposal via Zoom.

02. discovery call

Fill us in with some details by filling our contact form. If your date is open, we'll send you a brief questionnaire and the next steps to book a Discovery call. Jyn (pictured above) will be so excited to hear more from you!

01. initial details

Our Process

your WEDDING PLANNING experience

During your time with us, you’ll receive:
  • Two Reiki sessions to balance and unblock your chakras.
  • Two wellness check-ins with the goal of voicing any concern while we give you a plan to raise your vibration (via meditations, EFT techniques (tapping), or affirmations).
  • Meditations before the start of each wedding planning meeting so you can feel grounded and centered.

Perhaps your parents have dreamed of hosting your wedding in a very particular way that completely differs from yours. Or your sister has made an announcement that she’ll be helping you to plan a wedding exactly like hers. Wait… what? People may start making assumptions about what your wedding day should look like.

Other times it may be about you doubting yourself as you’re trying to make decisions…’what would they think of us if we do “x” or “y” ‘?

All of the sudden you see yourself trapped in these scenarios that weren’t there before.

  • How do you make your voice heard without being harsh? 
  • How do you kindly decline unsolicited help? 
  • How to deal with this? 
  • What to do to feel safe and confident?

All these thoughts invariably will pile up causing overwhelm and frustration. And this is where our Holistic Approach can help.

A wedding day marks a new beginning in your life and a lot of emotions can surface (either from you and/or those around you).

our holistic approach

holistic wedding planning focused on emotional wellness

But what if you don’t anticipate any of this drama? If this is the case, we feel so happy for you! When people around you let you be who you are, it’s truly a blessing. Our holistic approach can open some doors if you’re open to spiritual growth. The holistic tools we use are yours to keep for a lifetime!

Why is this important?

Because the most important part of a wedding is you and your partner! You’re starting a new chapter and the journey until your wedding day shouldn't feel like a dreaded path. Our desire is that you feel intentionally whole, grounded and balanced. After all, we’re big dreamers!

✓ Meditations and breathwork at the beginning of our wedding planning meetings.
✓ Reiki healing sessions to balance your chakras and reset your energy.
✓ Tailored recommendations to reduce your stress by using aromatherapy and/or crystals.
✓ Affirmations to ground yourself and raise your vibration.

In addition to all the traditional planning benefits, we use the following methods to help you feel relaxed and in high-vibration as we plan your wedding, 


our approaches to wedding planning 


Our traditional planning approach brings our planning expertise with the organizational tools to keep us focused and in collaboration mode. A win-win combination!

✓ Targeted planning meetings to define your wedding vision, expectations and action items.
✓ Collaboration tools, like your own wedding planning portal to keep us on the same page and track how much progress we've made.

We plan your
wedding day
without missing a beat

We lift your spirits and help you to feel safe and at peace

— Jheraldine & Eloy

Esme made us feel like we were more than just her clients but instead family and we couldn’t be more thankful for all of her amazing work.

— Greg & Mary Ann

We can't thank you enough for the incredible work you did for Elyssa & Christian. Your kindness, thoughtfulness and patience made the process so much easier.

— Linda & Devon

I don't think there are enough words to describe how much we appreciate you! Keep being incredible.

let the magic begin

let us tell your one of a kind love story

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