Bodamaestra couples have an affinity for epic celebrations and memorable experiences.

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Lovers of genuine connections who express themselves authentically, our couples care about hosting events that inspire and leave a lasting impression. Our couples are diverse and come from all walks of life. They have an affinity for sharing themselves with others, a deep love of family and friends, and value time spent together.

BodaMaestra is honored to work with each and every one of our unique couples.

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— Master Yoda

"Do. Or do not. There is no try."

I wish we could use the force to plan your wedding...but jedi mind tricks will only get you so far.

At BodaMaestra, we understand there are no re-do's on your wedding day.

"Great planning starts with thoughtful decisions. Thoughtful decisions lead to great events. Great events make for happy couples."

Once I completed my Reiki training, a powerful sense of peace came over me, and a new calling emerged. I realized that it was a no-brainer to pair the strategies of peace, relaxation and self-improvement with the wedding planning process. 

I thought to myself... if I lead planning meetings with a sense of calm using all the techniques I know, what a great way to support couples so that they can truly feel empowered and at ease as they enter the next phase of their lives together. And thus, holistic planning was born in April of 2021.

Having worked with couples for years to plan their weddings, I was very familiar with all of the stresses couples encounter - from an overwhelming number of decisions to unsolicited opinions.

Just about every couple can find their energy diminished during the planning process and experience sensitivity, anger, or stress.


Esme is a Virginia-based wedding planner with a passion for helping couples enhance their planning journey through a holistic approach. Esme's own experience with stress and exhaustion led her to create a unique wedding planning process that incorporates holistic tools as a part of her clients’ experience. 

A wife, mother of 4, pet mama, dreamer, Reiki master, entrepreneur and former supply chain professional.

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Meet Yvette, your dedicated Customer Experience Associate. She thrives on behind-the-scenes management to ensure your big day unfolds flawlessly.  Yvette holds a degree in Tourism, Events, and Hospitality Management from George Mason University where she honed her skills in event planning and management. Her academic background, coupled with her organization and creativity, makes her an invaluable asset in bringing your vision to life.

Beyond her professional achievements, Yvette cherishes her role as a wife and mother. Married for six wonderful years, she shares her life with her two adorable toddlers and a beloved Shih Tzu named Lilo.

A former Bodamaestra Bride with a passion for seamless event planning execution.


the forces behind bodamaestra

As a wedding assistant, Cynthia is committed to making your event  memorable and stress-free from start to finish. Her warm personality and dedication to our clients makes her invaluable. She's a quick thinker and a cool & collected individual. Cynthia is also a travel soccer mom and dedicated home-school teacher.

Creativity and kindness are her super powers.


Kim has more than a decade of experience planning corporate events and is a team lead in executing weddings and events for our clients.

She’s kind, calm, compassionate and a real go-getter!  It warms her heart to see our couples and all the guests enjoying themselves.

Kim is a devoted recycler. She’s always finding new ways to recycle, reuse, repurpose and reduce her carbon footprint.

Loves helping clients achieve their wedding day vision.


Jade brings a combination of light and calm energy as a wedding assistant.  She's committed to making a wedding day flow smoothly and easily, leaving our clients to enjoy every moment. As a hopeless romantic, witnessing love firsthand makes her truly fulfilled. She's also a mixed media artist who is passionate about expressing herself through vibrant colors, bold patterns and spreading positivity.

When Jade is not immersed in the world of art, you can find her spending time outside enjoying nature or finding a new concert to attend. 

Seeing the joy and happiness of our clients is her reward. 


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08. how do we start our day?

a. Wedding anniversaries
b. Weddings
c. Milestone birthday parties
d. All of the above!

07. what kind of events do you plan?

XV Events.

06. what's bodamaestra's sister brand that focuses on quinceaneras?

a. Latin-American Weddings
b. Persian Weddings
c. Jewish Weddings
d. All of the above

05. what type of cultural weddings has bodamaestra planned?

Extra pieces of wedding cake

04. what's the team's guilty pleasure?

a. Jade
b. Yvonne
c. Ivett
d. Yvette

03. what's the name of our client experience associate?


02. bodamaestra is known for this approach to planning:

a. Texas
b. Monterrey, Mexico
c. Washington, DC
d. Mexico City

01. where was bodamaestra born?

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