Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is Essential in 2022

Engaged or thinking about getting engaged? Perfect! Glad you’re here to learn why hiring a wedding planner is essential in 2022.

Wedding planning is a journey, so you want to be in good company.

The wedding planning journey with my couples starts from the moment they reach out to me. Nothing makes me happier during the planning process than providing reassurance that things will work out! If a client has an unrealistic expectation, I make sure I break down the reasons why something may not work as they might have imagined. I help my couples feel at ease at all times, no matter how hectic things get.


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A Wedding Planner assemblies your Wedding Vendor Team.

Another key element is putting together the wedding vendor team. I match my client’s personality with the vendors I know will best fit their vision. Likewise, venue shopping is critical! Once I help couples determine their priorities, needs, and style, I’m able to recommend several venues where I can see them having an amazing wedding.

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Designing your wedding is fun when you have direction.

Rather than being overwhelmed by Pinterest, BodaMaestra gives you direction, which makes the design process fun! When I do design work, I present couples with options I think they’ll love based on a preliminary questionnaire that gives me an indication of their likes and dislikes. In the end, I strive to give couples the exact vibe they’re going for.

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You need a well-designed wedding day timeline.

Having a well-designed timeline is essential, as you want to make the most of your day without feeling rushed or having gaps in your event. Achieving this can be a balancing act if done solo! As we put together the wedding timeline for our clients, we place an emphasis on vendor management so that everyone knows where, when, and what to do at any given time of the day. Our goal is to make sure all vendors succeed at providing a great service for our clients. And when they do, we all look good as a team and our clients are happy! We also make sure that all the special milestone events are accounted for and that the allotted time is realistic.

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