4 Steps to Create Your Wedding Moodboard Like a Pro

One extremely useful visual aid that I create for my clients is a wedding “moodboard.”  The board, which allows users to see how a series of elements and colors look when they are combined. It is an easy, fun, and practical way to help brides design their ideal wedding.  If you’re not familiar with a mood board, you’ll be surprised how helpful it is to “actively” visualize how potential theme colors work when placed alongside wedding venue pictures, paper goods, flowers, wedding shoes, etc.  Also, the board helps you to focus – something that is much needed when planning a wedding!

Today, I would like to show you the steps that I follow to create wedding moodboards.

Step 1. Look for color inspiration at Design Seeds.

This is an awesome website for all who love color! (that’s their tag line). You can do a palette search by choosing a theme: Autumn, spring, winter, and summer are some of the choices.  You will see a color scheme on the right side, along with an actual picture of how the colors interact.  This is a great source of inspiration and you’ll be more than pleased by the amazing combinations found here!

Design Seeds


Step 2. I create a secret Pinterest board for my brides and grooms.

Personally, I prefer to reserve only for the couple the ability to pin ideas to the board.  I eventually invite other wedding vendors, such as florists, to give them a better idea of what my clients are looking for.  We post things that go well with the Design Seed color scheme – or schemes – that have been chosen.

When you are on Pinterest, perform a search for specifics such as “Tiffany blue wedding favors” or “Tiffany blue wedding shoes,” as an example.  My recommendation is that you pin only the pictures that you like the best…not “okay” images.

I often hear brides comment “oh, I can’t have a Pinterest wedding.”  Well, I tell you, yes you can.  The truth is that you have to pick and choose and select realistically how your wedding is going to look (be decisive!).  Budget, of course, is a consideration.

Crisy Meschieri MoodboardMoodboard of a real wedding! This one designed by my bride Crisy who happens to be a graphic designer.

Step 3. I upload select pictures to Aisle Planner, my go-to online wedding planning tool, in order to eliminate all the clutter from the big Pinterest board.

Their Design Studio holds pictures of ideas that are really close to your final designs for things such as bridal bouquet, tables cape, and wedding cake design, among others.  I choose from 4-6 visuals to put on my final moodboard.


Bodamaestra Moodboard Elegant Latin Hacienda

This moodboard is my baby: We were featured at Ruffled Blog for this styled shoot at Morais Vineyards!

Step 4. I use Canva.

Canva is the best free design tool out there!  You can design many things such as Facebook covers, social media postings, business cards, flyers, etc.  There are pre-designed templates that are easy to modify to your specific needs.I choose a grid that allows me to insert the pictures I want to create my moodboard.  Trust me, putting all the pictures together makes such a huge difference when it comes to styling your wedding!

Would you like to learn more?  Submit your questions below and I would be happy to comment.

Happy Planning!


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