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I am a bit late doing this but here’s the first question of my online wedding planning consultation!

Q: How can I ask nicely to guests not to take pictures with their phones? In the last few weddings we attended, several people were delaying the photographer’s work by getting on his way with their own phone camera.

Cindy L.


A: Great question, Cindy! Although it is understandable that guests will want to take pictures of your wedding, most couples prefer that personal camera phones remain tucked away during the ceremony and reception. And while the temptation for guests to step in front of the professional photographer for “one quick photo” will always be there, there are nevertheless things that you can do to help prevent such a disruption.

In an attempt to avoid this situation, I would recommend incorporating a message in framed signs (at the church and/or reception) that reads like this:

“Dear guests: we ask you to please remember to silence your phone during the wedding ceremony and to refrain from taking photos. We have professional photographers on hand to capture all of today’s special moments and will be sure to share these photos with you.”

You can add this note to your wedding website and wedding programs as well. Finally, if you are utilizing the services of a wedding coordinator, he/she can kindly remind guests to abide by your request. Such troubleshooting is a big part of our job!

Best of luck and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


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Happy Planning!

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