Creative wedding planning in the Latin tradition…with a modern twist.

Do you picture your wedding reception with some Mariachi music in the background, salsa, cumbia, flamenco or bachata dancing? Is your family heritage important to you? Having a wedding in the United States – perhaps far from your country of origin – doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your culture and traditions. My job is to help you plan, create, and deliver a memorable and culturally authentic wedding experience!


Hablamos tu Idioma y Entendemos tu Cultura!

Having lived south-of-the-border for most of my life, I appreciate the unique and beautiful qualities of Hispanic culture. Moreover, as someone who has planned a number of weddings in Mexico, I have a deep appreciation for what it takes to orchestrate a wedding ceremony and reception in the Latin tradition. I rely on my hands-on experience to help guide you through the entire planning process; at the same time, I use my creative skills and sense of imagination to help make your wedding-day vision a reality!

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