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BodaMaestra offers two wedding planning options, traditional and holistic. Today, we’d like to explain 3 Things You Need to Know about Holistic Wedding Planning:

1. Focuses on emotional wellness.

This means that throughout all planning stages, your holistic wedding planner makes sure you feel grounded and at peace. Emotional wellness “check-ins” happen during your planning sessions. When we ask, “how do you feel?” we really mean it!

2. It offers tools to help you feel at ease.

For many people, wedding planning adds some stress to their daily life. We use breathing techniques, meditations and affirmations so our couples feel relaxed, safe, centered and cared for.

3. Reiki Healing.

We offer Reiki healing, a Japanese energy healing modality that promotes relaxation while reducing stress and anxiety.

Your Holistic Wedding Planning experience includes Reiki sessions, a unique benefit that our couples love.

For details on booking our wedding planning team, you can connect with us via our contact page.

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3 Things you need to know about holistic wedding planning

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