5 Tips to Get the Best Makeup and Hair for your Wedding Day from Stylist to Go

Finding the “one”  to do your hair and makeup for the wedding day is no small or easy task.

You want to look…just right. I interviewed professional Amy Rojas, Licensed Hair Stylist and owner of Stylist to Go to get her advise on the subject.
1. Amy recommends to get a trial done.  This would seem like a no brainer but what you have to keep in mind is to have a trial with more than one look, for hair and makeup.  If you are not used to heavy makeup, go light accentuating your best features and try different eye shadows, depending on the season of the year and your personality; go heavier and see how it looks and how you feel. Stylist to Go artists take pictures of you after every look and recommend to “sleep on it” and ask other people how you look.  The most important thing, though, is that you feel comfortable with yourself.  Amy also recommends to have pictures taken of your hair during your trial using different hair accessories such as natural flowers, netting or feathers.  Sometimes the idea of wearing something like this sounds intriguing but when you have it on you, can confirm a big “yes!” or a sounding “no way!”.


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2. Color your hair or highlights hair 2 weeks before your wedding. This will allow the color to set properly and even fix your hair in case of unpleasant color results ; also a nice haircut should be done in the same time-frame in order to eliminate split or dry ends.

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3. If you have skin problems, make sure to address them at least 5 months in advance. If you suffer of acne, rosacea, scars, brown spots, dullness or any other skin condition you would like to improve or correct, give yourself time.  Using makeup won’t be the solution in the long run; it could only enhance those skin imperfections you are trying to hide, regardless of the type of makeup you use, traditional or airbrush.  Try professional products such as Rodan+Fields® Dermatologist which come with a 60 day-money back warranty.

4. When it comes to makeup, airbrush is an awesome option if you hate the makeup feel. This is a great technique that requires artistry to be applied correctly. It’s more water and sweat resistant than traditionally applied makeup. It gives a flawless look with a lightweight feel. Stylist to Go’s Lead Makeup Artist, Catherine Marie is qualified for this technique.

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5. Consider wearing fake eyelashes. While this is probably not part of your everyday routine, your wedding day is the day to consider a good pair of false lashes. “The fake eye-lashes simply open your eyes and make them look much bigger”, Amy states. They will also give your eyes a sexy boost.


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Amy Rojas is a native of Alexandria, Virginia with more than 8 years of experience on the field; she was trained at Rody Salon where she acquired most of her knowledge in the beauty industry.  Amy and her team take pride in listening carefully to their brides and in creating a custom look, depending on the bride’s style and ideas. As one of Amy’s clients, I can attest to the fact that she is very patient and goes above and beyond to make you a very pleased customer!

To learn more about Stylist to Go, please call or e-mail Amy:

Amy Rojas
Licensed Senior Hairstylist
Stylist To Go Manager
Office: 540-227-4680 Call or text (Office Hours: Tues, Wed 10-4pm; Fridays-Sundays 10-6pm)

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